crown molding murrietaAre you looking for a great crown molding installer in Murrieta, CA? With over 10 years experience installing crown you should definitely get a quote from us!

Located in Temecula, adjacent to Murrieta, Vrieling Woodworks has done hundreds of molding installations in Murrieta alone.  We started out as head installers for the Moulding Outlet in Murrieta years ago before getting our contractors license and starting our own business.

Why do you want a professional, licensed contractor to install your crown molding? crown molding tray ceiling

Crown is not as easy to install as baseboards. It sits on an angle between your wall and ceiling (usually a 45 degree angle) which makes it harder to line up the corners.  This is where experience comes into play! Having all those years of experience means it’s no problem to install crown on any ceiling or any corner.

We have received several calls lately from homeowners who want us to fix what another company (if you can call an unlicensed guy from Craigslist a company) has installed in their home.  Most of the time these installs are not repairable if you want a beautiful installation.  Huge gaps, seams everywhere (every wall!), corners that don’t line up and even pencil lines drawn all over the walls that ended up below where the crown was installed… These are just a few of the problems we have encountered from these calls.   The problem is, a poorly installed crown molding job looks worse than no crown at all! 

crown molding murrietaI know you Murrieta residents don’t want to deal with that! So here’s some reasons to choose us:

  • We are licensed contractors who specialize in finish carpentry
  • Every corner, inside and outside, is glued together so it lessens the chance of ever cracking apart in the future and there are no gaps anywhere!
  • Our seams are super tight and done right!  It is almost impossible to tell where we have joined two pieces of crown molding together once painter.
  • We love what we do!  I never get tired of seeing a new home change completely from the look of a great crown molding installation
  • We do it all – from installation to the final coat of paint, we are a one stop shop.  We even cut in your wall colors below the crown to cover up any caulking and create a straight line under your new crown.   This only covers up about an 1/8 of an inch, but makes a huge difference in the appearance of the job.
  • We are clean!  We will clean up after we are done by dusting, sweeping and vacuuming so you don’t hate us after a long workday…
  • Coffered ceiling through a cutoutWe have over 10 years experience installing crown molding in Murrieta and you will LOVE the end result.

To get started is easy!  Just call Paul at 951-719-4039 or fill out the get a quote form on this page.  We will set up a free estimate and bring the samples right to your home.





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