crown molding tray ceilingCrown molding installation is one of the things we get calls for the most.  Whether it’s a referral from a past client or someone like you who found us online, we can get the job done right! We service Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Corona, Fallbrook, San Marcos and all nearby cities.

With over 10 years experience installing crown molding, it would be extremely hard to find someone who can do it better!

We take great pride in our work.  Customer satisfaction is always the highest priority when it comes to our work.  We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the job to make sure you are going to tell all your friends and family!

The process is pretty simple:

– You fill out the form to the right to set up a time for an estimate (or the bottom of the page on your mobile device).

– We measure your rooms, show you samples and explain which ones would look best in your home.   Once you have made your decision, we can give you a price to do the work.

– We write the contract and set up the installation date.

– We install your new crown molding on the pre-selected date.

– After installation our in-house paint team comes in and finishes the job up right.  They are licensed contractors and also have over 10 years experience painting.  They not only paint the crown molding, but they will also cut in the wall colors on the bottom of the crown to make sure there is no caulking showing and you have a nice, clean line under the crown.

That’s it! The job is now complete and you are ready to enjoy your moldings for years to come.

crown moulding sliderOur Difference

  • We are licensed contractors who specialize in crown molding installation!  The work is going to look amazing.  Perfect corners and seams, no filling gaps with caulking or bondo. This is FAR from a craigslist handy man crown molding install.
  • We go the extra mile.  Yes, you can install the crown, caulk it and paint it and it looks good.  But, cutting in the wall colors underneath the crown really makes a huge difference.  Not many companies do this!
  • We have years of experience! When I do something, I always want to be the best at it.  Finish carpentry is no different.   When we tackle a job I want to make sure that the homeowners can tell they are getting the best job possible.
  • We respect your home.   We are homeowners and also use contractors for various projects.  I do not like it when they play loud music and leave a mess after they complete a job… So we don’t do it! We are very respectful of your space and always clean up after ourselves.  We don’t even bring a radio into the home unless it’s vacant.
  • Competitive Pricing. For all this you are probably thinking we are going to charge an arm and a leg for a crown molding install, right? Wrong! We know what the current prices are for molding installations and we are very competitive with our pricing.  When comparing apples to apples, it’s almost impossible to find a better value than us.

crown molding seamHere is a picture of what seams to be a regular piece of crown molding, right?

Well, notice the wall color has been cut in at the bottom and you do not see any caulking… looks pretty nice, huh?  It’s more noticeable on dark colored walls like this one.

What if I told you there was a seam right in the middle of this piece of crown?  There is!

That’s the experience we provide right there.  When a wall is longer than 16′ (longer than a piece of crown) we can make it look like it’s just one long piece!  There is no overlapping pieces or gaps to detract from the natural beauty of the crown molding.  Learn more about how we make can make seamless crown here.

Ready to get yours? Call 951-719-4039 or fill out the request a quote form to get a free estimate today!

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