crown molding installear temeculAre you looking for a contractor to install crown molding in Temecula? Vrieling Woodworks has been installing molding in Temecula for over 10 years now. We have done hundreds if not over a thousand homes in the area during that time.

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Crown molding is a beautiful upgrade that always looks amazing after our installation. It really transforms every space it touches and completes a home.

But, not all crown molding installations are created equal. It takes experience and skill to make it look amazing; get it wrong and it will actually look worse than no molding at all! We have received many calls lately from homeowners looking to “fix” an improper installation and sadly the majority of times this is simply not possible.

The moral of the story is get it done right the first time and don’t worry about “fixing” anything!crown molding tray ceiling

We make sure every corner is installed tight with no gaps, so that the glue has the opportunity to form a proper bond. This prevents any cracking of the corners in the future. If you’ve ever seen a model home with cracked molding everywhere, the lack of glue is likely the problem.

Also, we never install crown molding in Temecula or anywhere else with a seam in the middle of a wall that is less than 16′ long. While we can make seams appear invisible, it is not a good practice to splice the crown together when you can use a full piece and avoid it. Poor seams are very noticeable, which is why we take care to make them as tight as possible.

Tight seams and tight corners make for a beautiful finished product! take a look at this tray ceiling in a master bedroom. The corners are tight and there was a seam on the lower crown molding…you just can’t see it now that it’s been painted!

vaulted ceiling crown molding in murrietaDoes your house have uncommon angles or vaulted ceilings? No problem! We can usually install the crown molding where others tell the customer “this is impossible, sorry”. It’s happened numerous times!

Many people think crown will not look as good on a vaulted ceiling, but in my opinion this is not the case! The unusual angles make the crown look even better when installed properly. Just look at this picture with two sets of crown molding. The tight joints following the pitch of the ceiling really draw your eyes up and make the room look huge!

We have a crown molding special which includes installation and paint. A licensed finish carpenter will install the molding and a licensed painting contractor will paint it to perfection, leaving you the homeowner to sit back and admire the work for years to come.

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