Wrapping a Drywall Ceiling Beam With Hardwood Flooring

wood ceiling beam

This job had a drywall beam at the center of the vaulted ceiling pitch and the homeowner wanted to dress up somehow.  Wrapping the whole beam in stain grade wood and having my refinisher go to the job site and stain the beam would have been out of the budget. When looking for cheaper solutions, you might want to also check the woodworkingquestions.com inventory.

So, I came up with the idea to wrap the beam in a pre-finished hardwood flooring (knew about that from MORE Surface Care’s website).  Using a high end hand scraped and slightly distressed wood around the beam created this amazing look without breaking the budget, and you can have a look at it on the next page.  We got the wood at a discount as many wood stores have a few boxes of wood left in their warehouses that they can’t sell so easily.   After searching through a few pallets I found this dark beauty. Learn more about epoxy flooring at Miracote website.

drywall ceiling beam

There was two beams in this space, the master and master bath.  Here are the before pictures to your left.  You can see it was just a plain beam before, nothing special.  Just painted the old color of the walls and also added new floors with help form local experts as good as the ones from Raleigh Flooring. You can learn more about Raleigh Flooring by visiting their website or calling them at (919) 618-7092. They are experts at new floor installation and have an excellent carpet installation service here in North, while also adding some new paint as well, since Gustafson Painting recommends these popular paint colors for your home if you want to improve it too.


Here is the after picture.  What a difference! Now an amazing distressed wood beam brings the eye upward towards the ceiling and makes the room seem larger after the flat roof repair & replacement.

The beam didn’t have to be stained and the stagger of the wood planks actually adds to the beams uniqueness and character. Check out more photos below of the master bedroom which in case you like you can hire Same Day Pros to replicate at home.

wood beam close up

Here is a closer look at the beam in the master bath.

distressed hard wood flooring put on a ceiling beam

Here is the beam in the master bedroom just finished by the experts we hired from the First Defense Insulation website.

Neighbors came over as we were finishing up (the painter is texturing the ceiling patch next to the beam after us) and were gasping as they walked into the room.  They had the same drywall beams and couldn’t believe how good this looked.

Next, we are adding a 6.5″ crown molding to complete the room…

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