stair skirt on landingStair skirts are very poplar in two story homes today.  Not only are they very nice to look at, but they also help protect the walls.  Anyone with children knows that somehow, some way, they will kick the walls going up the stairs and scuff them up.  It’s very hard to clean painted drywall, but cleaning a semi-gloss or gloss painted wood is much easier.

Usually, stair skirts are installed before the flooring goes down on the stairs.  That way, the flooring butts up against the stair skirt and covers any small gaps.  Installing the stair skirt after the flooring is installed is very challenging.  Cutting the skirt around each tread so it fits perfectly is almost impossible! At the very least, it takes twice as long to do it this way. -7198

In these skirt pictures, the homeowner had some new commercial, berber carpet installed on the stairs… with no pad! He didn’t want to remove the carpet and re-stair skirtinstall it after we did the skirt, so we told him we’d give it a shot.   We were able to get it tight enough so that it appeared like the stair skirt was installed before the carpet went in, making the homeowner very happy!

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