Amazing Fireplace Mantel Before and After Pictures

fireplace mantle before pictureThis blog post should really be called “Total room remodel”, since we did change a whole bunch of things in this home.

Here is the before picture. As you can see, the fireplace does have a mantel, but it’s really nothing to write home about.  It also had outdated tile on the hearth and face of the fireplace.

As we embarked on our renovation journey, we discovered the importance of attention to detail. The fireplace, often considered the heart of the home, deserved a makeover that would not only enhance its visual appeal but also elevate the entire room’s atmosphere. With careful consideration, we chose to collaborate with professionals who shared our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Our search led us to, where we found expert guidance on roofing and remodeling services in the Houston area. The skilled team at Loa Construction can play a crucial role in bringing vision to life, ensuring that every aspect of the fireplace makeover contributed to the overall charm of our rejuvenated living space.

Also, if you keep looking to the left, you will also notice commercial style carpeting, old white floor tiles and a wall that serves no purpose at all!  Unless its purpose was to make the room look smaller. You’ll also benefit from longer-lasting carpets, odor-free carpets, and a higher home value when you schedule regular cleanings from a good services like the ones at andy steamer. You can also visit this website at to find further about Zerorez carpet cleaning services and ways to maintain the lifespan of high-quality carpet. When you’re looking for a carpet cleaning company, be sure to only hire fully licensed and insured carpet cleaners.

Well, Vrieling Woodworks changed all that.

We completely redid the fireplace from the ground up, running all the electricity and HDMI cable hookups through the inside of the new mantel and into a cabinet below.  We mounted their flat screen TV over the mantel, making room for a sectional couch (where the photos were taken from, can’t see it) opposite the TV.  We tore out all the flooring, demolished the unnecessary wall and repainted the room.  We then added crown molding and new baseboards to complete the remodel.  Ready to see it?

fireplace mantle after pictureHere it is!

As you can see, it’s a full floor to ceiling fireplace mantel, complete with a flat screen TV mounted on the wall.

We replaced the old tiles with updated travetine stone on the hearth and face.  We used a tan color, to complement the darker laminate flooring that continues throughout the room (which we also installed).

All the wires for the television and components run behind the TV and down the right leg of the mantel.  They emerge from the baseboards on the right side, where the components are located.  We are going back here to install a custom media cabinet in that location soon.

The crown molding wraps around the top of the mantel and continues throughout the entire family room/kitchen nook.

The baseboards that wrap around the bottom also continue on throughout the room and the entire house.

Usually we frame in the TV a little closer, but this one was a 42″ and they wanted to leave room to mount a larger TV in the future.

Check out the picture below that shows a view of the family room going into the nook…no more wall!

remodeled room after pictureTaking down that wall really  opened up the room and made it a more modern floor plan.

You can see into the kitchen from the family room now, which we also remodeled, but that is another blog post in the future!

We also put casings around the french doors and slider to complement the baseboards and crown molding in the room.

This is what can happen when you take a house from 1989 to 2013!

bottom of fireplaceHere you can see the bottom of the fireplace mantel and how it ties into the flooring and baseboards.

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I am an finish carpentry contractor located in Temecula, CA. I have been installing crown molding, base boards, door casings, chair rails, custom mantels, wainscoting, custom cabinets and more for the last 12 years.

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