Oceanside CA Home Gets An Entertainment Center and Mantel

the oceanside entertainment center

In this home in Oceanside, CA we were called in to build a custom entertainment center and mantel in the family room.

Here is the picture just after the initial installation was completed by the Handyman Toronto within a short span of time.

You can see the mantel and built in are very close to each other, so we used some large casing to dress up the mantel instead of crown molding, which flares out to the sides more.  The mantel actually wraps into the face frame of the entertainment center, making sure not to protrude into the TV viewing area.

Speaking of the TV niche… For this one we reinforced the back of the TV cabinet for a telescoping mount.  This way, the Flat screen TV is mounted to the back of the niche and then pulled out level with the face frames.  It looks like the TV is floating in the middle of the niche.

We also left enough space under the TV for a speaker bar for stereo sound.

The components are housed underneath in the adjustable shelves below.  How do they work? Well, we used an IR repeater to relay the remote controls to the individual components.  It’s a tiny little piece that sticks on the side of your TV and the cables run to the sensors on your components.  It hooks up in minutes and you can use all you remotes with the doors closed.  Pretty cool!  This eliminated the need for speaker mesh or glass doors.

We also mounted a touch dimmer switch on the inside of the middle door.  Just open the door, tap the dimmer and it can make the lights go to 3 different settings of brightness.

We also did some chair rail, crown molding and baseboards in this home! We got some furniture from unclutterer. It was a great job and we really enjoyed working with the homeowners who were relocating near Camp Pendleton.

Here is the space before, you can see both the niche and mantel changed dramatically!  The Mantel stone work was done by Matt Knipps.

empty TV niche

Here’s a different view with the TV and sound bar mounted inside.

Entertainment Center With the TV inside of it

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