baseboard rounded cornersWant to replace the baseboards that are currently installed in your home? No problem! We can do it!

With over 10 years experience installing moldings, including baseboards, we can help transform your home with new moldings.

You’d be surprised how much different your home will look with new baseboards.  They really change the whole look of the house!

Look at the picture to the left here.  This is a 6.25″ baseboard with rounded corners after installation and paint. A big difference from that small builder base that is so common in homes today.

6 inch baseboardThe process for installation is really quite straightforward.  If you have existing baseboards, we remove them and throw away all the trash.  Then, we install the new molding which has been pre-painted by us.  We caulk it, fill the nail holes and it’s ready for paint.

Our painters will tape off the base, cover the floor and paint the baseboards with another full coat of paint.

If the walls need any touch ups (caulking running up the wall, etc.) they will touch up the wall color as well for a nice, clean finish.


round corner on a baseboard installationHere you can see the homeowner wanted a rounded bullnose corner used with this installation.

These are commonly found at the big box stores and homeowners will mistakenly think they are easy to install.  They soon find out that the corners do not match the baseboards exactly and are in fact pretty hard to install.

We line up the corners as close as possible with the baseboards when we install them.  Every corner has to be sanded with at least 2 grits of sandpaper to achieve the smooth look you see here.  It’s worth it, the finish product looks great.

If you would like a free quote to replace your existing baseboards, just fill out the form or call 951-719-4039.

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